Ageing Tank Liner Replacement in Kyneton – Victoria

Our service team was asked to inspect an existing customer’s Rhino rural water tank. The tank had been maintained regularly with its sacrificial anodes replaced every 5 years as per Kingspan’s recommendation. The tank was still in great condition and only required a tank liner replacement.

The team first emptied the tank by digging a trench to direct the tank water cleanly away. This was also a good opportunity to desludge the base of the tank.

water drained from tank via scour drain

The liner was removed by cutting it into smaller pieces to dispose of correctly. The internal tank wall was exposed to show it was in excellent condition, emphasising the importance of replacing sacrificial anodes every 5 years. Anodes are crucial to the longevity of steel tanks as they protect the tank walls against corrosion.

The new liner was then installed with all relevant components.

closeup of a water tank liner

Water was delivered onsite and filled into the tank to ensure all fittings were leak free and to set the new liner into position.

The customer’s tank was in great condition thanks to the regular service it received. This saved the customer money over the long run.

For example, if the tank cost $7,000 and it lasted 20 years, it would only cost 0.96c per day to store water. The customer could potentially be up for further costs or in worse case replace their tank, doubling costs.

By continuing to service their tank regularly, the customer can expect another 20 years on the life of their tank.

Kyneton water tank


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